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Conversion Definitions

What is a US fluid ounce (US fl oz)?

A US fluid ounce is a unit of volume in US Customary Units. The symbol for US fluid ounce is US fl oz. There are 0.03381402 US fluid ounces in a milliliter.

What is a milliliter (mL)?

A milliliter is a unit of volume in the Metric System. The symbol for milliliter is mL. There are 29.573529562499997696 milliliters in a US fluid ounce. The International spelling is millilitre.

Conversion Formulas

The formula to convert from US fl oz to mL is:

mL = US fl oz x 29.573529562499997696

The formula to convert from mL to US fl oz is:

US fl oz = mL ÷ 29.573529562499997696

Conversion Examples

US Fluid Ounce to Milliliter Conversion Example

Task: Convert 75 US fluid ounces to milliliters (show work)
US fl oz x 29.573529562499997696 = mL
75 US fl oz x 29.573529562499997696 = 2,218.01471719 mL
75 US fl oz is equal to 2,218.01471719 mL

Milliliter to US Fluid Ounce Conversion Example

Task: Convert 2,500 milliliters to US fluid ounces (show work)
mL ÷ 29.573529562499997696 = US fl oz
2,500 mL ÷ 29.573529562499997696 = 84.53505675 US fl oz
2,500 mL is equal to 84.53505675 US fl oz

Conversion Tables

US Fluid Ounces to Milliliters Conversion Chart

US fluid ounces (US fl oz) milliliters (mL)
1 US fl oz29.57352956 mL
2 US fl oz59.14705912 mL
3 US fl oz88.72058869 mL
4 US fl oz118.29411825 mL
5 US fl oz147.86764781 mL
6 US fl oz177.44117737 mL
7 US fl oz207.01470694 mL
8 US fl oz236.5882365 mL
9 US fl oz266.16176606 mL
10 US fl oz295.73529562 mL
20 US fl oz591.47059125 mL
30 US fl oz887.20588687 mL
40 US fl oz1,182.9411825 mL
50 US fl oz1,478.67647812 mL
75 US fl oz2,218.01471719 mL
100 US fl oz2,957.35295625 mL
250 US fl oz7,393.38239062 mL
500 US fl oz14,786.76478125 mL
750 US fl oz22,180.14717187 mL
1,000 US fl oz29,573.5295625 mL
2,500 US fl oz73,933.82390625 mL
5,000 US fl oz147,867.6478125 mL
7,500 US fl oz221,801.47171875 mL
10,000 US fl oz295,735.295625 mL
25,000 US fl oz739,338.2390625 mL
50,000 US fl oz1,478,676.478125 mL
75,000 US fl oz2,218,014.7171875 mL
100,000 US fl oz2,957,352.95625 mL
250,000 US fl oz7,393,382.390625 mL

Milliliters to US Fluid Ounces Conversion Chart

milliliters (mL) US fluid ounces (US fl oz)
1 mL0.03381402 US fl oz
2 mL0.06762805 US fl oz
3 mL0.10144207 US fl oz
4 mL0.13525609 US fl oz
5 mL0.16907011 US fl oz
6 mL0.20288414 US fl oz
7 mL0.23669816 US fl oz
8 mL0.27051218 US fl oz
9 mL0.3043262 US fl oz
10 mL0.33814023 US fl oz
20 mL0.67628045 US fl oz
30 mL1.01442068 US fl oz
40 mL1.35256091 US fl oz
50 mL1.69070114 US fl oz
75 mL2.5360517 US fl oz
100 mL3.38140227 US fl oz
250 mL8.45350568 US fl oz
500 mL16.90701135 US fl oz
750 mL25.36051703 US fl oz
1,000 mL33.8140227 US fl oz
2,500 mL84.53505675 US fl oz
5,000 mL169.07011351 US fl oz
7,500 mL253.60517026 US fl oz
10,000 mL338.14022702 US fl oz
25,000 mL845.35056755 US fl oz
50,000 mL1,690.70113509 US fl oz
75,000 mL2,536.05170264 US fl oz
100,000 mL3,381.40227018 US fl oz
250,000 mL8,453.50567546 US fl oz

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