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Convert cubic mm to cubic m, cubic m to cubic mm - Volume Conversion

Use these online calculators to convert between cubic millimeters (mm3) and cubic meters (m3). These Volume conversion calculators provide a quick and easy way to convert:

  • cubic millimeters to cubic meters (mm3 to m3)
  • cubic meters to cubic millimeters (m3 to mm3)

Conversion Calculators

Enter your value in one of the conversion calculators below to convert mm3 to m3 or convert m3 to mm3.

Convert mm3 to m3

Convert m3 to mm3

How to convert mm3 to m3: Use the conversion calculator on the left titled "Convert mm3 to m3". Enter a value in the mm3 field and click on the "Calculate cubic m" button. Your answer will appear in the m3 field.

How to convert m3 to mm3: Use the conversion calculator on the right titled "Convert m3 to mm3". Enter a value in the m3 field and click on the "Calculate cubic mm" button. Your answer will appear in the mm3 field.

Conversion Definitions

Below are definitions relating to these conversion formulas.

Understanding the Volume Units

This table provides a summary of the Volume units within their respective measurement systems.

Unit Symbol Measurement System Description
cubic millimeters mm3 Metric System
cubic centimeters cm3 Metric System 1 cm3 = 1,000 mm3
cubic decimeters dm3 Metric System 1 dm3 = 1,000,000 mm3
1 dm3 = 1,000 cm3
cubic meters m3 Metric System 1 m3 = 1,000,000,000 mm3
1 m3 = 1,000,000 cm3
1 m3 = 1,000 dm3
cubic kilometer km3 Metric System 1 km3 = 1,000,000,000 m3