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Conversion Definitions

What is a cubic foot (ft3)?

A cubic foot is a unit of volume in both US Customary Units as well as the Imperial System. The symbol for cubic foot is ft3. There are 0.00000004 cubic feet in a cubic millimeter.

What is a cubic millimeter (mm3)?

A cubic millimeter is a unit of volume in the Metric System. The symbol for cubic millimeter is mm3. There are 28,316,846.6 cubic millimeters in a cubic foot. The International spelling is cubic millimetre.

Conversion Formulas

The formula to convert from ft3 to mm3 is:

mm3 = ft3 x 28,316,846.6

The formula to convert from mm3 to ft3 is:

ft3 = mm3 ÷ 28,316,846.6

Conversion Examples

Cubic Feet to Cubic Millimeter Conversion Example

Task: Convert 9 cubic feet to cubic millimeters (show work)

ft3 x 28,316,846.6 = mm3

9 ft3 x 28,316,846.6 = 254,851,619.4 mm3

9 ft3 is equal to 254,851,619.4 mm3

Cubic Millimeter to Cubic Feet Conversion Example

Task: Convert 1,000,000 cubic millimeters to cubic feet (show work)

mm3 ÷ 28,316,846.6 = ft3

1,000,000 mm3 ÷ 28,316,846.6 = 0.03531467 ft3

1,000,000 mm3 is equal to 0.03531467 ft3

Conversion Tables

Cubic Feet to Cubic Millimeters Conversion Chart

cubic feet (ft3) cubic millimeters (mm3)
1 ft328,316,846.6 mm3
2 ft356,633,693.2 mm3
3 ft384,950,539.8 mm3
4 ft3113,267,386.4 mm3
5 ft3141,584,233 mm3
6 ft3169,901,079.6 mm3
7 ft3198,217,926.2 mm3
8 ft3226,534,772.8 mm3
9 ft3254,851,619.4 mm3
10 ft3283,168,466 mm3
20 ft3566,336,932 mm3
30 ft3849,505,398 mm3
40 ft31,132,673,864 mm3
50 ft31,415,842,330 mm3
75 ft32,123,763,495 mm3
100 ft32,831,684,660 mm3
250 ft37,079,211,650 mm3
500 ft314,158,423,300 mm3
750 ft321,237,634,950 mm3
1,000 ft328,316,846,600 mm3
2,500 ft370,792,116,500 mm3
5,000 ft3141,584,233,000 mm3
7,500 ft3212,376,349,500 mm3
10,000 ft3283,168,466,000 mm3
25,000 ft3707,921,165,000 mm3
50,000 ft31,415,842,330,000 mm3
75,000 ft32,123,763,495,000 mm3
100,000 ft32,831,684,660,000 mm3
250,000 ft37,079,211,650,000 mm3

Cubic Millimeters to Cubic Feet Conversion Chart

cubic millimeters (mm3) cubic feet (ft3)
10 mm30.00000035 ft3
25 mm30.00000088 ft3
50 mm30.00000177 ft3
75 mm30.00000265 ft3
100 mm30.00000353 ft3
250 mm30.00000883 ft3
500 mm30.00001766 ft3
750 mm30.00002649 ft3
1,000 mm30.00003531 ft3
2,500 mm30.00008829 ft3
5,000 mm30.00017657 ft3
7,500 mm30.00026486 ft3
10,000 mm30.00035315 ft3
25,000 mm30.00088287 ft3
50,000 mm30.00176573 ft3
75,000 mm30.0026486 ft3
100,000 mm30.00353147 ft3
250,000 mm30.00882867 ft3
500,000 mm30.01765733 ft3
750,000 mm30.026486 ft3
1,000,000 mm30.03531467 ft3
2,500,000 mm30.08828667 ft3
5,000,000 mm30.17657333 ft3
7,500,000 mm30.26486 ft3
10,000,000 mm30.35314667 ft3
25,000,000 mm30.88286667 ft3
50,000,000 mm31.76573334 ft3
75,000,000 mm32.6486 ft3
100,000,000 mm33.53146667 ft3

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