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Conversion Definitions

What is a cubic foot (ft3)?

A cubic foot is a unit of volume in both US Customary Units as well as the Imperial System. The symbol for cubic foot is ft3. There are 35.31466671 cubic feet in a cubic meter.

What is a cubic meter (m3)?

A cubic meter is a unit of volume in the Metric System. The symbol for cubic meter is m3. There are 0.0283168466 cubic meters in a cubic foot. The International spelling is cubic metre.

Conversion Formulas

The formula to convert from ft3 to m3 is:

m3 = ft3 x 0.0283168466

The formula to convert from m3 to ft3 is:

ft3 = m3 ÷ 0.0283168466

Conversion Examples

Cubic Feet to Cubic Meter Conversion Example

Task: Convert 9 cubic feet to cubic meters (show work)
ft3 x 0.0283168466 = m3
9 ft3 x 0.0283168466 = 0.25485162 m3
9 ft3 is equal to 0.25485162 m3

Cubic Meter to Cubic Feet Conversion Example

Task: Convert 50 cubic meters to cubic feet (show work)
m3 ÷ 0.0283168466 = ft3
50 m3 ÷ 0.0283168466 = 1,765.73333558 ft3
50 m3 is equal to 1,765.73333558 ft3

Conversion Tables

Cubic Feet to Cubic Meters Conversion Chart

cubic feet (ft3) cubic meters (m3)
1 ft30.02831685 m3
2 ft30.05663369 m3
3 ft30.08495054 m3
4 ft30.11326739 m3
5 ft30.14158423 m3
6 ft30.16990108 m3
7 ft30.19821793 m3
8 ft30.22653477 m3
9 ft30.25485162 m3
10 ft30.28316847 m3
20 ft30.56633693 m3
30 ft30.8495054 m3
40 ft31.13267386 m3
50 ft31.41584233 m3
75 ft32.1237635 m3
100 ft32.83168466 m3
250 ft37.07921165 m3
500 ft314.1584233 m3
750 ft321.23763495 m3
1,000 ft328.3168466 m3
2,500 ft370.7921165 m3
5,000 ft3141.584233 m3
7,500 ft3212.3763495 m3
10,000 ft3283.168466 m3
25,000 ft3707.921165 m3
50,000 ft31,415.84233 m3
75,000 ft32,123.763495 m3
100,000 ft32,831.68466 m3
250,000 ft37,079.21165 m3

Cubic Meters to Cubic Feet Conversion Chart

cubic meters (m3) cubic feet (ft3)
1 m335.31466671 ft3
2 m370.62933342 ft3
3 m3105.94400013 ft3
4 m3141.25866685 ft3
5 m3176.57333356 ft3
6 m3211.88800027 ft3
7 m3247.20266698 ft3
8 m3282.51733369 ft3
9 m3317.8320004 ft3
10 m3353.14666712 ft3
20 m3706.29333423 ft3
30 m31,059.44000135 ft3
40 m31,412.58666846 ft3
50 m31,765.73333558 ft3
75 m32,648.60000336 ft3
100 m33,531.46667115 ft3
250 m38,828.66667788 ft3
500 m317,657.33335576 ft3
750 m326,486.00003363 ft3
1,000 m335,314.66671151 ft3
2,500 m388,286.66677878 ft3
5,000 m3176,573.33355756 ft3
7,500 m3264,860.00033634 ft3
10,000 m3353,146.66711512 ft3
25,000 m3882,866.66778779 ft3
50,000 m31,765,733.33557558 ft3
75,000 m32,648,600.00336337 ft3
100,000 m33,531,466.67115116 ft3
250,000 m38,828,666.6778779 ft3

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