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Convert yards to miles, miles to yards

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Convert yards to miles


Convert miles to yards


Conversion Definitions

What is a yard (yd)?

A yard is a unit of length in both US Customary Units as well as the Imperial System. The symbol for yard is yd. There are 1,760 yards in a mile.

What is a mile (mi)?

A mile is a unit of length in both US Customary Units as well as the Imperial System. The symbol for mile is mi. There are 1,760 yards in a mile or 5,280 feet in a mile.

How many yards in a mile?

There are 1,760 yards in a mile.

How many miles in a yard?

There are 0.00056818 miles in a yard.

Conversion Formulas

The formula to convert from yards to miles is:

mi = yd ÷ 1,760

The formula to convert from miles to yards is:

yd = mi x 1,760

Conversion Examples

Yards to Miles Conversion Example

Task: Convert 1,250 yards to miles (show work)

yd ÷ 1,760 = mi

1,250 yd ÷ 1,760 = 0.71022727 mi

1,250 yd is equal to 0.71022727 mi

Miles to Yards Conversion Example

Task: Convert 25 miles to yards (show work)

mi x 1,760 = yd

25 mi x 1,760 = 44,000 yd

25 mi is equal to 44,000 yd

Conversion Tables

Yards to Miles Conversion Chart

yards (yd) miles (mi)
1 yards0.00056818 miles
2 yards0.00113636 miles
3 yards0.00170455 miles
4 yards0.00227273 miles
5 yards0.00284091 miles
6 yards0.00340909 miles
7 yards0.00397727 miles
8 yards0.00454545 miles
9 yards0.00511364 miles
10 yards0.00568182 miles
20 yards0.01136364 miles
30 yards0.01704545 miles
40 yards0.02272727 miles
50 yards0.02840909 miles
75 yards0.04261364 miles
100 yards0.05681818 miles
250 yards0.14204545 miles
500 yards0.28409091 miles
750 yards0.42613636 miles
1,000 yards0.56818182 miles
2,500 yards1.42045455 miles
5,000 yards2.84090909 miles
7,500 yards4.26136364 miles
10,000 yards5.68181818 miles
25,000 yards14.20454545 miles
50,000 yards28.40909091 miles
75,000 yards42.61363636 miles
100,000 yards56.81818182 miles
250,000 yards142.04545455 miles

Miles to Yards Conversion Chart

miles (mi) yards (yd)
1 miles1,760 yards
2 miles3,520 yards
3 miles5,280 yards
4 miles7,040 yards
5 miles8,800 yards
6 miles10,560 yards
7 miles12,320 yards
8 miles14,080 yards
9 miles15,840 yards
10 miles17,600 yards
20 miles35,200 yards
30 miles52,800 yards
40 miles70,400 yards
50 miles88,000 yards
75 miles132,000 yards
100 miles176,000 yards
250 miles440,000 yards
500 miles880,000 yards
750 miles1,320,000 yards
1,000 miles1,760,000 yards
2,500 miles4,400,000 yards
5,000 miles8,800,000 yards
7,500 miles13,200,000 yards
10,000 miles17,600,000 yards
25,000 miles44,000,000 yards
50,000 miles88,000,000 yards
75,000 miles132,000,000 yards
100,000 miles176,000,000 yards
250,000 miles440,000,000 yards

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