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Convert yards to dm, dm to yards

Conversion Calculators

Convert yards to dm


Convert dm to yards


Conversion Formulas

The formula to convert from yards to dm is:

dm = yd x 9.144

The formula to convert from dm to yards is:

yd = dm x 0.10936133

Conversion Examples

Yards to Decimeter Conversion Example

Task: Convert 4 yards to decimeters (show work)

yd x 9.144 = dm

4 yd x 9.144 = 36.576 dm

4 yd is equal to 36.576 dm

Decimeter to Yards Conversion Example

Task: Convert 75 decimeters to yards (show work)

dm x 0.10936133 = yd

75 dm x 0.10936133 = 8.20209975 yd

75 dm is equal to 8.20209975 yd

Conversion Tables

Yards to Decimeters Conversion Chart

yards (yd) decimeters (dm)
1 yards9.144 dm
2 yards18.288 dm
3 yards27.432 dm
4 yards36.576 dm
5 yards45.72 dm
6 yards54.864 dm
7 yards64.008 dm
8 yards73.152 dm
9 yards82.296 dm
10 yards91.44 dm
20 yards182.88 dm
30 yards274.32 dm
40 yards365.76 dm
50 yards457.2 dm
75 yards685.8 dm
100 yards914.4 dm
250 yards2,286 dm
500 yards4,572 dm
750 yards6,858 dm
1,000 yards9,144 dm
2,500 yards22,860 dm
5,000 yards45,720 dm
7,500 yards68,580 dm
10,000 yards91,440 dm
25,000 yards228,600 dm
50,000 yards457,200 dm
75,000 yards685,800 dm
100,000 yards914,400 dm
250,000 yards2,286,000 dm

Decimeters to Yards Conversion Chart

decimeters (dm) yards (yd)
1 dm0.10936133 yards
2 dm0.21872266 yards
3 dm0.32808399 yards
4 dm0.43744532 yards
5 dm0.54680665 yards
6 dm0.65616798 yards
7 dm0.76552931 yards
8 dm0.87489064 yards
9 dm0.98425197 yards
10 dm1.0936133 yards
20 dm2.1872266 yards
30 dm3.2808399 yards
40 dm4.3744532 yards
50 dm5.4680665 yards
75 dm8.20209975 yards
100 dm10.936133 yards
250 dm27.3403325 yards
500 dm54.680665 yards
750 dm82.0209975 yards
1,000 dm109.36133 yards
2,500 dm273.403325 yards
5,000 dm546.80665 yards
7,500 dm820.209975 yards
10,000 dm1,093.6133 yards
25,000 dm2,734.03325 yards
50,000 dm5,468.0665 yards
75,000 dm8,202.09975 yards
100,000 dm10,936.133 yards
250,000 dm27,340.3325 yards

Conversion Definitions

What is a yard (yd)?

A yard is a unit of length in both US Customary Units as well as the Imperial System. The symbol for yard is yd. There are 1,760 yards in a mile.

What is a decimeter (dm)?

A decimeter is a unit of length in the Metric System. The symbol for decimeter is dm. There are 10 decimeters in a meter. The International spelling is decimetre.

How many yards in a decimeter?

There are 0.10936133 yards in a decimeter.

How many decimeters in a yard?

There are 9.144 decimeters in a yard.

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