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Convert miles to km, km to miles

Conversion Calculators

Convert miles to km


Convert km to miles


Conversion Formulas

The formula to convert from miles to km is:

km = mi x 1.609344

The formula to convert from km to miles is:

mi = km x 0.621371192

Conversion Examples

Mile to Kilometer Conversion Example

Task: Convert 5 miles to kilometers (show work)

mi x 1.609344 = km

5 mi x 1.609344 = 8.04672 km

5 mi is equal to 8.04672 km

Kilometer to Mile Conversion Example

Task: Convert 15 kilometers to miles (show work)

km x 0.621371192 = mi

15 km x 0.621371192 = 9.32056788 mi

15 km is equal to 9.32056788 mi

Conversion Tables

Miles to Kilometers Conversion Chart

miles (mi) kilometers (km)
1 miles1.609344 km
2 miles3.218688 km
3 miles4.828032 km
4 miles6.437376 km
5 miles8.04672 km
6 miles9.656064 km
7 miles11.265408 km
8 miles12.874752 km
9 miles14.484096 km
10 miles16.09344 km
20 miles32.18688 km
30 miles48.28032 km
40 miles64.37376 km
50 miles80.4672 km
75 miles120.7008 km
100 miles160.9344 km
250 miles402.336 km
500 miles804.672 km
750 miles1,207.008 km
1,000 miles1,609.344 km
2,500 miles4,023.36 km
5,000 miles8,046.72 km
7,500 miles12,070.08 km
10,000 miles16,093.44 km
25,000 miles40,233.6 km
50,000 miles80,467.2 km
75,000 miles120,700.8 km
100,000 miles160,934.4 km
250,000 miles402,336 km

Kilometers to Miles Conversion Chart

kilometers (km) miles (mi)
1 km0.621371192 miles
2 km1.242742384 miles
3 km1.864113576 miles
4 km2.485484768 miles
5 km3.10685596 miles
6 km3.728227152 miles
7 km4.349598344 miles
8 km4.970969536 miles
9 km5.592340728 miles
10 km6.21371192 miles
20 km12.42742384 miles
30 km18.64113576 miles
40 km24.85484768 miles
50 km31.0685596 miles
75 km46.6028394 miles
100 km62.1371192 miles
250 km155.342798 miles
500 km310.685596 miles
750 km466.028394 miles
1,000 km621.371192 miles
2,500 km1,553.42798 miles
5,000 km3,106.85596 miles
7,500 km4,660.28394 miles
10,000 km6,213.71192 miles
25,000 km15,534.2798 miles
50,000 km31,068.5596 miles
75,000 km46,602.8394 miles
100,000 km62,137.1192 miles
250,000 km155,342.798 miles

Conversion Definitions

What is a mile (mi)?

A mile is a unit of length in both US Customary Units as well as the Imperial System. The symbol for mile is mi. There are 1,760 yards in a mile or 5,280 feet in a mile.

What is a kilometer (km)?

A kilometer is a unit of length in the Metric System. The symbol for kilometer is km. There are 1,000 meters in a kilometer. The International spelling is kilometre.

How many miles in a kilometer?

There are 0.621371192 miles in a kilometer.

How many kilometers in a mile?

There are 1.609344 kilometers in a mile.

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