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Conversion Definitions

What is a square foot (ft2)?

A square foot is a unit of area in both US Customary Units as well as the Imperial System. The symbol for square foot is ft2 or sq ft. There are 107,639.1041671 square feet in a hectare. A square foot is calculated as the area of a square that has 1 foot on each side.

What is a hectare (ha)?

A hectare is a unit of area in the Metric System. The symbol for hectare is ha. There are 0.000009290304 hectares in a square foot.

Conversion Formulas

The formula to convert from ft2 to hectares is:

hectares = ft2 x 0.000009290304

The formula to convert from hectares to ft2 is:

ft2 = hectares ÷ 0.000009290304

Conversion Examples

Square Feet to Hectares Conversion Example

Task: Convert 750,000 square feet to hectares (show work)

ft2 x 0.000009290304 = hectares

750,000 ft2 x 0.000009290304 = 6.967728 hectares

750,000 ft2 is equal to 6.967728 hectares

Hectares to Square Feet Conversion Example

Task: Convert 15 hectares to square feet (show work)

hectares ÷ 0.000009290304 = ft2

15 hectares ÷ 0.000009290304 = 1,614,586.56250646 ft2

15 hectares is equal to 1,614,586.56250646 ft2

Conversion Tables

Square Feet to Hectares Conversion Chart

square feet (ft2) hectares (ha)
1 ft20.00000929 hectares
2 ft20.00001858 hectares
3 ft20.00002787 hectares
4 ft20.00003716 hectares
5 ft20.00004645 hectares
6 ft20.00005574 hectares
7 ft20.00006503 hectares
8 ft20.00007432 hectares
9 ft20.00008361 hectares
10 ft20.0000929 hectares
20 ft20.00018581 hectares
30 ft20.00027871 hectares
40 ft20.00037161 hectares
50 ft20.00046452 hectares
75 ft20.00069677 hectares
100 ft20.00092903 hectares
250 ft20.00232258 hectares
500 ft20.00464515 hectares
750 ft20.00696773 hectares
1,000 ft20.0092903 hectares
2,500 ft20.02322576 hectares
5,000 ft20.04645152 hectares
7,500 ft20.06967728 hectares
10,000 ft20.09290304 hectares
25,000 ft20.2322576 hectares
50,000 ft20.4645152 hectares
75,000 ft20.6967728 hectares
100,000 ft20.9290304 hectares
250,000 ft22.322576 hectares

Hectares to Square Feet Conversion Chart

hectares (ha) square feet (ft2)
1 hectares107,639.1041671 ft2
2 hectares215,278.20833419 ft2
3 hectares322,917.31250129 ft2
4 hectares430,556.41666839 ft2
5 hectares538,195.52083549 ft2
6 hectares645,834.62500258 ft2
7 hectares753,473.72916968 ft2
8 hectares861,112.83333678 ft2
9 hectares968,751.93750388 ft2
10 hectares1,076,391.04167097 ft2
20 hectares2,152,782.08334194 ft2
30 hectares3,229,173.12501292 ft2
40 hectares4,305,564.16668389 ft2
50 hectares5,381,955.20835486 ft2
75 hectares8,072,932.81253229 ft2
100 hectares10,763,910.41670972 ft2
250 hectares26,909,776.04177431 ft2
500 hectares53,819,552.08354861 ft2
750 hectares80,729,328.12532292 ft2
1,000 hectares107,639,104.16709722 ft2
2,500 hectares269,097,760.41774306 ft2
5,000 hectares538,195,520.83548612 ft2
7,500 hectares807,293,281.25322917 ft2
10,000 hectares1,076,391,041.67097223 ft2
25,000 hectares2,690,977,604.17743058 ft2
50,000 hectares5,381,955,208.35486115 ft2
75,000 hectares8,072,932,812.53229173 ft2
100,000 hectares10,763,910,416.70972231 ft2
250,000 hectares26,909,776,041.77430577 ft2

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